Over 200 Years of Experience. 12 Veterans. 9 Cypherpunks. 5 MScs. 1 PhD and a Professor, All Walk Into Haltia.AI…

October 12, 2023

Dubai, UAE, October 12th 2023 - In just eight weeks, Haltia.AI has pulled off a masterstroke, amassing an engineering team that showcases both academic prowess and a treasure trove of real-world experience. More than the sum of its already impressive parts, this formidable force has a single ambition: to pioneer the next generation of personal AI’s. But their journey is not solely defined by their academic accolades; it’s about lifetimes dedicated to providing solutions, pushing boundaries, and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

While each member brings undeniably impressive academic qualifications - boasting everything from MScs to a PhD, and even a professorship - it’s the collective experience, spanning over two centuries, that sets them apart. Many of these decorated tech titans began their journeys as prodigious talents, and now represent a rare blend of theoretical acumen and applied expertise.

In today’s digital age, practical experience often overshadows academic degrees. The team includes deep tech veterans with over two decades in the trenches and AI savants who’ve been at the cutting edge since its inception. More than mere scholars, they’re pioneers, shaping the future.

The Vision Ahead: Haltia.AI is more than a tool; it’s a blueprint for the future of personal AI interactions. Assembling this powerhouse team in such a short time speaks volumes about the team’s absolute dedication to quality and innovation. As they move forward, one thing is clear: with such a reservoir of knowledge and experience, the boundaries of what’s possible are set to expand.

Talal Thabet, CEO/CMO at Haltia.AI captures the sentiment perfectly: “At the risk of sounding like Spiderman’s father, with such awesome brain power comes awesome responsibility. We recognise and honor that responsibility. Our aim? To create something genuinely transformative for everyday life.