Haltia.AI Unveils the Most Private Personal AI in the World

September 25, 2023

Dubai, UAE, September 25th 2023 – Today marks an industry-defining moment as Haltia.AI emerges from stealth to announce its AI assistant, currently in a limited beta program shared exclusively with investors.  This unveiling, set against the visionary backdrop of uncompromising privacy and ethics, promises a new standard for what personal technology could and should be.  It merges unparalleled security with ethical responsibility and delivers an exceptional user experience.

Arto Bendiken, CTO and co-founder states ‘In the crowded marketplace of smart assistants, we’ve created a premium experience that isn’t just smart, but insightful. Haltia.AI is more than an app; it`s a masterpiece of engineering and privacy, akin to a Swiss watch in your pocket.

Filling a gap in the market for state-of-the-art personal AI assistants, Haltia.AI is an all-in-one app-based solution.  It’s designed for anyone looking to save precious hours in their day, from corporate executives and high net worth individuals to working mothers juggling the demands of family and career. Halford (“Hal”) and Tiana (“Tia”), the default avatars, go above and beyond standard AI capabilities, offering utility that ranges from basic tasks to complicated, predictive functionalities. Uniquely tailored to augment the iOS user experience, Haltia.AI will seamlessly integrate with Apple products and offer the best user experience on the newly unveiled iPhone 15, with plans for Android compatibility on the horizon.

Elevating everyday tasks into effortless experiences, these AI assistants can read and respond to emails, capture new knowledge, conduct in-depth research, draft speeches and content, manage calendars, and even offer critical feedback on documents — all through natural voice interactions.

“In an era when technology is often under scrutiny for ethical and privacy concerns, we have engineered Halford and Tiana as fortresses of data security and privacy, ensuring that your data never escapes your personal devices and your ultimate control, thereby making cloud data leaks categorically impossible,” says Arto, elaborating on the product’s ethical foundation and advanced security protocols.

“The essence of Haltia.AI is the gift of time. As lifelong companions, Halford and Tiana evolve alongside you, unlocking new features over time,” says Talal Thabet, CEO and co-founder. “For anyone who’s ever felt there aren’t enough hours in the day, I invite you to discover how Haltia.AI can free up your time. Join our waiting list and be among the pioneering few to experience it globally.

“As we approach the launch of our Series A funding, we’re on the lookout for investors who resonate with our vision—those who grasp the immense potential of Haltia.AI and share our excitement about its capacity to empower humanity to truly live the life they’ve imagined,” adds Talal.

The anticipated premium client release for Haltia.AI is set for Q1 of 2024. Halford and Tiana will undergo regular updates, enhancing features and capabilities that are set to transform the interactions of clients with the technology. Operating on a subscription-based model complemented by in-app purchases, Haltia.AI is tailored to cater to both individual and corporate clientele. The pricing structure has been meticulously designed to engage the company’s initial goal of 1 million premium clients. Moreover, these premium members will be paired with dedicated relationship managers, ensuring a guided and enriched experience throughout their journey with Haltia.AI.

Behind Haltia.AI is a team of tech savants and ethical warriors, a diverse cohort of talent combining years of experience in both tech and business ethics, AI and security.  The team is united in its quest to elevate digital experiences while ensuring privacy and ethical considerations are at the forefront.

Arto concludes, ‘This is just the beginning. We`re building a legacy, not merely a product, and we are excited for the next phase.