Haltia.AI Publishes Groundbreaking Research on LLM Performance on Smartphones

December 21, 2023

Dubai, UAE, December 21st 2023 – Haltia.AI, a UAE-based AI innovator, has just released a significant academic paper, marking a substantial contribution to the field of artificial intelligence. The study, titled “A Performance Evaluation of a Quantized Large Language Model on Various Smartphones,” represents a breakthrough in understanding and optimizing Large Language Models (LLMs) for use on mobile devices.

This research, endorsed and peer-reviewed, evaluates the performance of a specific LLM applied across all iPhone models. It represents a comprehensive and empirical examination of running state-of-the-art LLMs on smartphones, a first of its kind in the AI industry. The study meticulously analyzes factors affecting performance, such as power throttling and thermal effects, providing valuable insights into effective AI processing on portable devices.

As a rising startup, Haltia.AI’s investment in such high-level research underscores its commitment to advancing the AI field. “Our aim is to not only develop innovative products but also contribute meaningfully to the scientific community,” said Dr Tolga Çöplü, Head of Research at Haltia.AI. “This paper showcases our team’s ability to conduct significant research, placing us in a league different from most startups in the AI space.”

“The study’s findings are crucial for understanding how to effectively run LLMs on mobile devices, opening up possibilities for AI applications where data privacy, security, and offline functionality are critical. The study indicates that recent iPhone generations can effectively run on-device LLMs, though advancements in power management and system integration are needed to maximize performance.”

“We’re excited about the implications of this research for the future of AI in everyday life,” said Arto Bendiken, CTO and co-founder of Haltia.AI. “Our work demonstrates that advanced AI can be more than just a cloud-based service; it can be personal, private, and accessible anywhere.”

Haltia.AI plans to continue its research efforts, and to delve deeper into model compression and acceleration techniques. This ambitious goal highlights the startup’s dedication to being at the forefront of AI innovation and its commitment to contributing to the global AI community.