Haltia.AI Advocates for The ‘Right to Compute’

January 18, 2024

Dubai, UAE, January 18th 2024 – Haltia.AI, a pioneer in personal AI technology, is spearheading a transformative initiative called the #RightToCompute. This initiative goes beyond mere access to technology; it boldly proposes that the freedom to use a computer for any peaceful purpose is a fundamental human right, akin to the freedoms of thought and expression. Against the backdrop of the past year, as some governments have begun to impose restrictions on who can access rapidly developing AI capabilities, the ‘#RightToCompute’ campaign emerges as a crucial and timely response, challenging these limitations and advocating for unrestricted computational freedom.

Inspired partly by the Techno-Optimist Manifesto of Silicon Valley magnate Marc Andreessen, the #RightToCompute is at its core about reshaping the tech landscape to foster an environment where innovation and creating knowledge are not just privileges, but fundamental rights. It challenges the status quo, seeking to democratize the digital realm and break down barriers imposed by monopolistic practices.

Haltia.AI, driven by its core values of privacy as dignity and global collaboration for human progress, sees the #RightToCompute as a crucial step towards a future where technology serves humanity universally, not just a select few. This initiative envisions a world where every individual has the means to harness technology for personal growth and community enrichment.

Why should this matter to everyone? Because the future of technology is about more than just gadgets and apps – it’s about ensuring that the next wave of digital evolution uplifts all of humanity, not just a fraction. The #RightToCompute is a clarion call for equal opportunity in the digital age, a chance to redefine our relationship with technology, and a promise of a more inclusive, collaborative, and equitable world.

While Haltia.AI’s involvement in this wider movement stems partly from the desire to streamline product development in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, its deeper commitment lies in upholding deontological principles of fairness and access in the digital age. It’s fundamentally about championing ethical standards and ensuring that digital progress equates to societal advancement.

Steve Cobb, Haltia.AI’s Lead AI Ethicist and the primary author behind this initiative, emphasizes the importance of nurturing this movement organically.

“Our goal is to create a platform for open discourse, where ideas on digital rights and access can flourish without commercial overtones,”

– Steve Cobb

The campaign focuses on the core idea that computing power, akin to the freedom of speech and thought, is fundamental to human progress.

“Just as the printing press revolutionized the dissemination of and access to information, computing power and AI are reshaping our capacity for thought, creativity and innovation. Ensuring unhampered access to these essential technologies is vital for individual empowerment and societal advancement.”

– Steve Cobb

The initiative has been shaped into a comprehensive campaign, complete with a dedicated website and a series of articles and discussions. Haltia.AI invites industry leaders, technologists, policymakers, and the public to engage with this movement. The initiative seeks not just to protect the future of AI development but to ensure that these powerful technologies remain tools for individual empowerment and collective progress.