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The World’s Most Private AI

Win at Life!

Harness the power of Haltia.AI's private and personal AI. Our AI “Super App” adapts to your unique needs, offering dynamic assistance with guidance and insights to help you achieve your goals and win at life.

Unyielding Privacy Commitment

By guaranteeing that user data is never uploaded to the cloud, it is categorically impossible for Haltia.AI to suffer data leaks. Your data will never upload to a cloud.

On-Device Data Integrity

By keeping all your data on your device, we know Haltia.AI will be unbreachable, which will enable you to use your personal AI more effectively.

Intuitive Voice Interaction

Engage with our AI through seamless voice input & output, making your digital experiences as natural as a conversation.

Real-Time Offline Intelligence

Our AI goes beyond mere offline functionality. It processes, evaluates, and supports instantly, all while completely being off grid.

Never Before

Never before has an AI initiative been endorsed by nine distinguished cypherpunks, all with decades of dedication to championing privacy-centric projects.

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